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The TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY is committed to the values of intellectual freedom and the freedom to access information. The Internet is an information resource that enables library users to access a diverse variety of information beyond that contained in the library’s own collection.

Any computer, mobile devices or software provided by the TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY shall be used in accordance with all applicable International, U.S., Kansas and local laws. Use of library computing devices and/or library wired or Wi-Fi connections for any purpose constitutes acceptance of the TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY Computer Acceptable Use Policy and TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY Internet Safety Policy.


No individual will use the library’s computing devices, wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) network and/or Internet connections to:

  1. abuse or misuse the computers, associated hardware, Internet, or Library software. This includes, but is not limited to, copying library software; uploading, downloading, or installing any software to the computers;
  • attempt to access or change the set-up of programs, resources, features, contents or controls of the computers;
  • utilize of any resource to cause damage or alter the operations, functions, or designs of the computers;

  • access, view, print, store, transmit, disseminate or sell any information prohibited by law from any computing device using the library’s Internet service;
  • access and display communications, materials, information, data, or images defined as obscene, child pornography, harmful to minors, threatening, abusive, harassing, discriminatory, or in violation of any other board approved library policy;
  • violate copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, trade secret, confidential or proprietary data and information, or the communications of a person to be uploaded to a computer or information system, published, broadcasted, or in any way disseminated without authorization of the owner or person.

Restriction of a minor’s (any person under 18 years of age) access to the Internet beyond that required by this policy or the Library’s Internet Safety Policy is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian, not the library staff. Users are personally responsible for their acts or omissions in connection with utilization in violation of this policy.

Violation of this policy may result in confiscating portable storage media, requiring a user to stop using the computing device or leave the premises, revocation of Internet, computing device and Wi-Fi use privileges, and may be basis for civil or criminal prosecution.  Suspension of use privileges shall be at the sole discretion of the TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY.


Printing from library owned computers is available at a charge of 10 cents each per page (black and white) and
.50 cents per page, color. The library does not currently offer or support Wi-Fi printing.

Faxing from the library facsimile is available at a charge of $1.00 per page.


  1. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis to library patrons holding a valid library card or by obtaining a visitor pass from the service desk;

  2. The Library reserves the right to designate certain equipment for use by patrons in need of special physical accommodation. This may require patrons without need of such accommodation to move or relinquish use of equipment with effort being made to find alternative space in a timely manner.

  3. The Library provides selected software and printers. The software shall be designed for informational, educational, or recreational uses. No other software may be installed, downloaded, used, or copied to the computers.

  4. Users may save personal files to a personal storage device, but not library computers.

  5. No more than one patron may use any of the computers at once. Staff may grant exceptions to parents with children and adults or students working on collaborative projects.

  6. Library staff may not be trained in or knowledgeable about individual software programs, databases or other resources available on the Internet or installed on patron devices.

  7. Repairs to library computers are made without notice. When technicians arrive, computer users will stop work to allow repairs to be made. A user may save current documents on a personal storage device.

  8. Electronic mail accounts, instant messaging, list serves, e-Learning platforms and news groups and/or services are not provided by the Library. Software provided to utilize these, or other resources does not constitute an endorsement or promotion of that product or any point of view or opinion expressed therein.

  9. Patron wishing to access the library’s wireless network must follow the library’s established policies, guidelines, and regulations. Staff are not responsible for setting up personal computers to work within the library’s wireless access, nor does the Library guarantee connectivity from every device.

  10. The Library is not responsible for damage to the user’s disk or computer, or for any loss of data, damage, or liability that may be incurred from library patron use of the library’s computers or network; wired or Wi-Fi.


Policy complaints or enforcement of this policy should be given, in writing, to the TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY director.  The written complaint shall be reviewed by the director and the library board within 90 days to determine appropriate action.


Developed under the direction of the Board of the TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY, this Computer Acceptable Use Policy was discussed and adopted during an open meeting of the Library Board. This policy supersedes all previous Computer Acceptable Use Policy statements of the TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY and is effective on March 5, 2015

This policy document will be reviewed by the TURON COMMUNITY LIBRARY Board at least once every three years.